Why redesign work?

Many people are unhappy, frustrated or unfulfilled at work. What a waste of potential!

  • Globally, 18% of staff are so unhappy they’ll actively undermine what an organisation is trying to achieve.
  • In the UK, 51% of staff would leave for a similar role, pay and benefits elsewhere. 
  • Engagement at work strongly predicts how likely an organisation is to survive tough times.
  • Outdated working practices and processes can’t cope with the complexity we now face.

It’s time to design organisations for people, not design people for organisations.

Luckily we don’t have to start from scratch. Many organisations around the world are providing rich data on practices and processes that help free people’s potential at work.

We can take inspiration from these progressive companies but each organisation, team and situation is unique. Here are some recurring themes that can positively impact workplace culture and resilience:

  • Purpose beyond profit
  • Distributed power
  • Transparency
  • Authentic relationships
  • Behaviour matching values
  • Psychological safety
  • Minimum viable experiments
  • Designing for complexity

If you’re yearning to practice more human-centred ways of working, I can support you and together we can create a better future.

Helen Triggs


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